Prescription Reminders for Seniors: Technology May Not Help, But People Can.

pill box


Listening to the radio today, NPR had a story on “smart bottles.” Prescription bottles that remind you to take your medicine. They ring, they beep and they flash. They send text messages to your phone and emails your family. But do they work?


Apparently, studies show that really nothing moves that meter. I would listen to my parent’s boxes go off and tell them to take prescriptions. They ignored the warnings. Even offering a cash bonus is not enough to motivate some folks to take them. People don’t like to take prescriptions for a variety of reasons: side effects, reminds them of being old, expensive… But, it is dangerous and expensive to not take the prescriptions. They have been paid for, and the downside of not taking them is the possibility of the failing outcome that leads to more meds.

Technology can help, but there is a much simpler solution - people. We hire people to make sure that you and your loved ones get their prescriptions. And we make sure it happens and can document it. Most people just need a reminder- in person.

Consider just one trip to the emergency room. Often the combination of not taking prescriptions and two other common issues, poor hydration and nutrition, lead to expensive and time consuming visits to the ER and follow-up appointments to doctors.

The cost of our services are nothing compared to the time, health, safety and well being that can come from hiring Seniors Helping Seniors in-home services. We help you or your loved ones stay at home by providing the safety net that is needed. We take the load off of your family and help provide the independence that is needed to age at home.

The NPR article is here: Smart-pill-bottles-arent-enough-to-help-the-medicine-go-down

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