Sometimes, our clients say it the best.

I was an ER Nurse for over 20 years, dedicating my life to help others the best I possibly could. Suddenly I was in a situation where I needed help for my family member that was in another state. I desperately wanted to find someone with medical knowledge of course, but, because of the situation I wanted to find someone in the medical field that wasn't just "Clinical." Not knowing the outcome at that time, I wanted a companion, a friend, someone both I and my aunt could come to trust and build a relationship with. I looked on the internet with all this in mind when I saw, Seniors helping Seniors! I called and spoke with Jan. I explained our situation and my priority was making sure my 92 year old aunt Pat was safe, healthy and had everything she needed. I felt helpless being 1600 miles away from her. Jan assured me, even calmed me down, and let me truly know she could do all this for me. She never let me down! She immediately went to visit with my aunt Pat and faced timed me. My aunt Pat bonded with her right away. i went from feeling helpless to knowing I found someone that truly cared about both of us. Fortunately after two months my aunt Pat decidied she wanted to come live with me. Jan was there to help us both for that too! She had everything packed for her before I even got there. It was hard for my aunt to say goodbye to her. She became part of our family. We both still talk with her and are so grateful for everything she has done for us. We could not have gotten through this without her! Love always Kim and Pat!